Welcome to Hidden Valley Association’s New Website

Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the new Hidden Valley Association’s website.  This is starting as an idea to more easily get information about the transition period to the neighborhood.  However, this has the possibility to become much more but it will take time.  Please return here often to get more information and see any new features.

The first thing you can do to help is visit the “About” section above and leave your comments on how best to describe our community.  We’ll combine everybody’s thoughts and update that section.

Secondly, the transition section will have an updated plan consisting of the next steps including approximate dates in the next few days.  This section will be password protected as will other more private information about our community.  The password will be distributed to the list of email addresses on file for each household when the transition plan is released.  If you haven’t already done so, please email the board at hidden.valley.meriden@gmail.com along with your address.

Lastly,  the Board will be using this website to distribute all future board information to the neighborhood along with the email distribution list.  If you create a WordPress account and “follow” this page, you will be able to receive email alerts when our page is updated.


Steve Tommell

President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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