Newly Elected BOD; Meeting July 24, 7pm

Dear Neighbors,
The BOD would like to congratulate Kristi, Mick, and Angelo for being elected to the board on July 11th and thank Sue for continuing her hard work Secretary. The BOD would also like to thank all those that submitted their household votes via email, proxies, and in person.  It was a great turnout.
The newly elected BOD will hold a meeting on July 24, 2013 at 7pm to cover the agenda listed on the meeting minutes page.  It includes June’s financial data and old business such as temporary bylaws and tasking our lawyer with developing permament bylaws.  Lastly, it includes motions for authorizing additional landscaping work and adjusting the late fee structure.  If there is inclement weather, the meeting will be held the following day. 
Also, please review the latest meeting minutes and financial data on the web page and the updated rules as per the June 20th BOD meeting.  They have been rolled back to those originally included in the declaration that can be found under the ‘documents’ tab on the website.  The rules will be reviewed again per the transition plan after the bylaws have been fully implemented. 
Thank you,
Steven Tommell
President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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