Voting for January 8th Board of Director’s election: Proxy and Bio’s: Check Email to Vote Early!

Dear Neighbors,
The Association will be hosting the annual election on January 8th, 2014 to fill four director’s positions.  The election will take place on January 8th, 7pm at Platt High School (weather permitting).  The bios and pictures of the announced candidates, Angelo, Mick, Sue and Bob are on the new election page.  Other neighbors may announce their candidacy at any time up to the meeting as a write-in candidate.  Three of the directors’ positions are for full two year terms and one is for the remaining year of director’s term that was filled via special election.  Bob specifically will be running for his director’s position (seat 3) and if elected will serve an additional two years.  Any other candidates will be competing for the remaining open directors’ seats and a random straw pull will be used to assign who will receive directors’ seats 1 or 2 with a two year term and who will receive director’s seat 5 with a 1 year term
Households may vote in person at the meeting or submit a proxy.  Proxies may be submitted electronically from the email address registered with the Association.  Simply reply to your email and mark your household’s vote in the proxy from before January 8th, 2014, at 5pm.  Households may also print the  proxy form and give it to a neighbor or director to be presented at the January 8th meeting.
Please take the time to vote and have your voice heard.
Thank you,
Steven Tommell
President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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