Expected Fee increase for 2014 budget: Explanation/Discussion at Feb 12 Board Meeting

Dear Neighbors,

The board will be putting forth its recommended budget at the Feb 12 Board meeting at Platt High School at 7 pm.  The budget and reserve study will be released prior to that meeting.  There is expected to be a fee increase; the magnitude of which will be explained and discussed.  This budget will then be subject to a vote by the Association members at the March 12 meeting.  The budget and its required Association dues will be considered approved unless there is a majority who vote to reject it.  Please plan on attending to remain informed on the budget and operations of the Board of Directors.  Please also feel free to contact the Board at any time with any questions or concerns.

Also at the Feb 12 Board meeting, the final draft of the new bylaws will be presented and discussed.  The board and board meeting attendees have been discussing this crucial document for several months, the passage of which is important to the successful operation of the board.  The bylaws will then be subject to a vote of the Association members at the March 12 meeting.  The bylaws will require a majority to vote in favor of approval.  Once again, your attendance is needed and encouraged.

Please stay up to date by following the website at http://www.hiddenvalleymeriden.org  All updates and important documents will be posted there.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to these important matters.

Steven Tommell


Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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