Community Food Drive Child / Volunteer Signup

Dear Neighbors,

The Association is organizing a community  food drive for the morning of November 1st.  Besides collecting food for those in need, youth involvement is one of the top goals of this event.  We will also need parents/residents to help organize the kids and pack up the collections.  Lastly, our goal is to have 100% community participation in donating food goods.

The plan is to hand out bags/flyers at the beginning of that week, then collect the food on the morning of November 1st.  That morning, we’ll need a volunteer for hopefully each road to direct kids on that road to collect the food and then help deliver all the goods to the mailbox area to box the goods and take a celebratory picture.

Please let me know if you would like your children to participate.  Any resident is welcome to volunteer with this endeavor.


Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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