BOD Meeting: Election Results / Discussion Topics

Dear Neighbors,

I’d like to thank the neighbors who came to the meeting last night and those that participated in the Board election online.  Mick and I were re-elected to another two year term.  Any officer changes will be discussed among the Board and communicated to the Association shortly.
We had a good discussion of the many topics on the agenda and will be posting the meeting minutes in the near future.  Generally we are on good financial footing now and the budget for next year will continue that trend.  Any cost increases within the operating budget were kept to a minimum and the projected assessment increase for next year will be 10%.  The Board will formally approve the budget after any final tweaks and present it to the Association for your final review.  The Board will host an Association vote on March 10, 2015 at which a majority of Association members would be required to turn down the budget, otherwise the budget stands as presented.
We also discussed aligning the quarterly payments so all homes are paying on the same day.  Currently 1/3 of the homes pay in each month of the quarter.  The board generally agrees on this approach but will need to finalize the pro-rating scheme prior to implementation.  The current plan is to begin this on April 1st with the start of the 2015 fiscal year.  We will send out explanations with invoices after formally approving the policy.
Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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