Notice: Motion to BOD to recommend 2015 Budget

Dear Neighbors,

I have requested the BOD vote outside a BOD meeting to recommend the attached budget for the 2015 fiscal year beginning April 1st.  This is the same budget reviewed at the December BOD meeting with some minor increases to the insurance and accounting lines based on recent actual costs.  The total budget remained the same as presented with a slightly small reserves contribution for a total increase of 10% in the quarterly assessment.  This increase is in line with the budget presentation during the past two years. Upon the Board’s recommendation, the budget will be subject to a vote by the Association members at the March 12th BOD meeting.  That vote will require a majority of the association to reject the budget.  If not rejected, it will be considered approved.  Further info on this vote will be distributed before the March BOD meeting.

To provide for the needs of Hidden Valley Association, I (Steve Tommell) put forth the following motion:

Approve the 2015 fiscal year budget titled “2015 Budget Sheet Rev 2” as distributed on February 25, 2015 to begin on April 1, 2015

I am providing this motion to the Board at the same time that you are receiving this notification per our bylaws and the vote result with be sent out afterward and recorded in our next meeting minutes.  The 2015 budget is available under the fiscal tab on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns for the board on this matter, please contact the Board by replying to this email.

Steve Tommell

Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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