Neighborhood Road Crack Sealing: Coming Soon

Yesterday the board approved a motion to have S&S Sealcoating from Wallingford, CT seal the cracks in the road throughout the neighborhood for a cost of $1488.90.  We performed the vote via email to ensure we were able to have the work performed soon and give the contractor as much leeway in scheduling as possible.  Because the work needs to be performed during dry weather, an exact date can not be set yet.  We will send another notice shortly before the work is to commence.  On the day of sealing the cracks, all parked cars must be off the roads to ensure easy access for the contractors.  Any costs incurred for return trips due to parked cars will be assessed against those owners.  We appreciate everybody’s help in this regard.  This is an important step in ensuring the longevity of our roads and maintaining the neighborhood.
Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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