Change of Date for Upcoming Meetings : Input on Bylaws

Dear Neighbors,
I am writing to let you know of the new dates for the upcoming Board of Directors meetings.  They will now be held on the second Wednesday of each month starting on September 11 at 7pm.  They will be held in room 9 at Platt High School.  This change helps accomodate some working schedules of the board members.  It also allows more time to generate reports from the previous month and thus implement decisions before the next.
I am also writing to invite you to submit any suggestions you may have concerning bylaws for the association.  At the July Board of Directors’ meeting, the board adopted a temporary set of bylaws until January 2014 to help guide the operations of the association.  They are listed on the website.  Please take time to read them.   At the July meeting, the board also authorized spending up to $2000 from the legal budget to have the associations lawyer draft a permanent set of bylaws that will be able to sustain the association for many years to come and in the event that we become a full CIOA association.
We would like to present any ideas about the bylaws to the lawyer for consideration at the beginning of this process so we can avoid any additional costs of rewrites later.  Examples of ideas would be the number of board members, what items need to be voted on by neighbors, and the quorum required for such votes.  Please email your thoughts to the board, post them to facebook or the website, or express them at the upcoming board meeting.  We will present feasible ideas to the lawyer and hopefully have a full set of bylaws to review in the October/November timeframe.  The entire association will then have the opportunity to vote for their adoption per the transition plan.
Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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