Storm Prep / Meeting Results

Dear Neighbors,

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the Board of Directors’ meeting tonight to discuss the proposed budget and bylaws.  The board agreed to recommend both items for approval by the Association members at the March 12th meeting.  Please stay tuned for more information on how to vote in the coming weeks.  We will also be discussing the formation of new Rules and Regulations at that meeting.

I’d also like to ask all homeowners with fire hydrants in front of their homes to please remove all snow from around the hydrants and leave an open path to the street, especially after this next storm.  The residual snow height is accumulating and can easily impede the fire department, wasting critical time where every minute counts.  I’d also ask all other homeowners to help in this effort.  Our homes, and more importantly, lives can be put at risk if this is neglected.  Please follow the recommended clearances in the attached picture.

Thank you,
Steven Tommell


Hidden Valley Association, Inc.
Hydrant clearing

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