Parking: Accommodations for snow

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing to encourage all neighbors and friends to park their vehicles in ways that will improve safety and decrease the chance for damage to cars. This post is the sum of the many suggestions given by neighbors and the frustrations they have felt, especially in light of the latest snow and the reduced passageway.  The situation was especially noticeable today (2/19/14)

Parking directly across from cars on the opposite side of the road produces many threats to safety and property. Because our roads are narrower than typical city roads, the open path is dramatically reduced when cars park across from each other. The snow has exacerbated this situation. This narrow path is difficult to navigate for other cars and especially for large emergency vehicles. Backing cars out of drive ways can be nearly impossible and creates many blinds spots. Vehicle damage has already occured because of this situation. Please park vehicles in driveways as much as possible and never park opposite another car when on the street. Either park on the same side as the other vehicles near your home or a good distance down the road . Also, remind your guests to do the same. During parties, please ask guests to park further down the road or on adjoining roads.

Following these guidelines will improve safety, decrease the potential for damage, and generally facilitate the flow of traffic in and out of the neighborhood. I appreciate your help in this area.


Steve Tommell


Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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