BOD vote: Landscaping Contract – Owner’s Mowing Responsibilities Changed

Dear Neighbors,

Hidden Valley Association, Inc. has again contracted Oakes Landscaping to perform landscaping and mowing tasks in the neighborhood.  The final contracted amount with tax  for mowing, mulching with weed preventer, and weed control in the front mulched areas will be presented in the meeting minutes.  The quotes were presented at the April BOD meeting.  However, because the board did not have a quorum present due to travel and sickness, a vote was conducted via email with unanimous approval.

In an effort to reduce costs to the association and better utilize the collective efforts of our neighbors, the board is placing the responsibility of mowing the strip of grass between the sidewalk and road and trimming around the light posts on the individual neighbors’ homes.  This represents a small increase in the work required of neighbors already mowing their own lawn.  However, it reduces the costs of the association by over $500, a 25% reduction in mowing expenditures, thus helping to keep quarterly assessments low.  The Board appreciates every neighbor’s efforts with regard to this change.

The Board also discussed the final draft for the upcoming rules, regulations, and enforcement procedure.  This will be posted to the website soon and another survey will be available to submit comment on the final draft.  At the May BOD meeting, the board will vote decide on a final document to be voted on by the Association members at the June BOD meeting.

Thank you,

Steven Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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