Draft Rules and Regulations / BOD Meeting / Cleaning Up After Pets

Dear Neighbors,

The final draft of the proposed new rules and regulations has been uploaded to the website under the rules and regulations tab.  The board believes this draft best represents the views of the neighborhood following our many discussions and very helpful survey.  It will be discussed at the BOD meeting on May 14th, at which point the Board will vote to formally present it for an Association Vote by the June 9th BOD meeting.  Please attend the meeting or send an email to the board to provide any final input.

Along the same lines, I’d like to remind everybody to please clean up after their pets.  There have been many reports of animal waste in the neighborhood.  With the nice spring weather, many people are getting out more for walks with their dogs, but so are the kids and families leading to less than desirable combinations.  I realize there are many people from outside our neighborhood walking their pets as well.  As neighbors, let us remind those we see neglecting this courtesy in the hopes of improving our neighborhood for everyone.


Steve Tommell

Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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