Time to Vote: Rules and Regulations

Dear Neighbors,

The Association is hosting a vote on June 11th on the Final Version of Rules and Regulations also dated June 11th and posted to the Association’s website under the Rules and Regs tab.  The online voting link and printable proxy are available under the Voting tab.  A majority of quorum is required to approve the new rules.  They will be effective immediately upon approval, but enforcement will not begin until September 1, 2014 to allow residents time to gauge their impact and rectify any issues.

Voting early and online is the most efficient way to submit your vote.  The Board has a target of 100% participation in the vote to ensure that everyone is aware of the changes and has voiced their opinion.  We’d like to have as many advance votes as possible so the Board can concentrate our resources on contacting fewer homes to more effectively garner participation.

Households may vote in person at the meeting on June 11th at Platt High School, online (preferred), or submit a proxy .  If voting online at the link, you must list the email address already registered with the Association.  You will receive a confirmation email at a later point. You are always allowed to submit you proxy early online, then attend the meeting and change your proxy if so desired.

Please take the time to vote and have your voice heard. If you have any questions, please contact the board.

Thank you,
Steven Tommell
President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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