May BOD Meeting: Stay tuned for info on how to vote for the new rules and regulations

Dear Neighbors,

Last night at the BOD meeting, the Board voted to recommend the final draft of the rules and regulations for consideration by the entire Association.  I’d like to thank Irene and Jack for joining us and contributing to the final discussion with their questions and comments.  The Board decided to make the rules effective immediately upon passage by the Association, but to begin enforcement actions in September.  This will allow all neighbors to gauge the impact of these rules and handle any non-conformance issues across the Summer.

Exact details on how to vote will be coming soon.  The Board has a target of 100% participation in the vote to ensure that everyone is aware of the changes and has voiced their opinion.  You will be able to vote online via the website, via paper proxy, or at the meeting on June 11th (See anticipated agenda under the meeting minutes tab).  We’d like to have as many advance votes as possible so the Board can concentrate our resources on contacting fewer homes to more effectively garner participation.

These rules and regulations will have the most direct impact on the lives of those living in Hidden Valley.  I implore everyone to please stay involved during this formative time.

Steven Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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