Dear Neighbors,
As we clean out from the storm, I’ve prepared some light reading material to pass the time. The updated budget sheet, budget presentation, and meeting agenda are available on the Association website.
The budget increases slightly for only a 2% increase in quarterly fees to $204. Within the budget, legal decreases, while landscaping increases, and snow removal increase 13% to account for renegotiating the contract this year. The presentation details many of the changes.
I’ve also included the latest financial report comparing ourselves against the budget. Anticipating the outstanding snow removal costs and electric bills for March (approx. $2750), we should be just under budget. We were under on legal and over on landscaping but within budget overall.
The meeting agenda is also available. Since I am sending out the budget late and we have not received any volunteers for election candidates, I will host the votes online for the week following the meeting.
The meeting will be held March 16th at 7pm at Platt High School in the teachers’ cafe.
Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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