Hidden Valley: Meeting Minutes/Collection Policy/ Tree Removal 10/5/18

Dear Neighbors,

Elections were held at the last BOD meeting.  We would like to welcome Adrienne Martinez as the newest board member.  She joins Bob, Angelo, Sue and myself as the BOD.
Collection Policy:
The BOD adopted a new uniform collection policy.  It requires the lawyer to send a collection notice at six months overdue and initiate the foreclosure process at twelve months.  This policy will be initiated on October 15th.  I urge all residents with overdue balances to contact the board to come up to date with your billing or make arrangements with the BOD to do so.
Tree Removal:
The board approved a motion to remove the pine trees at the front entrance to the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, they have become overgrown, a nuisance to neighbors, and a maintenance issue to the drains.  The tree removal will be performed tomorrow 10/5.  They do not expect to start until after the morning bus run.  If they are there during the afternoon, please make other parking arrangements for pickup and be extra safe in the area.
Please review the emailed meeting minutes for any other information.
Steve Tommell

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