Community Dumpster

Dear Neighbors,

The Association is arranging a community dumpster for 7/29 to 8/8.  This is a result of discussions from the last association meeting.  The base cost will be paid directly by the Association.  Hopefully, we will only need one, but if it fills up, we may arrange a replacement.  It’s not first come first served but it can’t be never ending either.  The dumpster will be located in the circle of Quiet Brook.  Getting the best value for our money will be dependent on all members packing the dumpster carefully and following all rules.  All items should be dumped/emptied into the dumpster.  Do not place half full boxes in the dumpster or other items of mostly air (drawers, boxes, suitcases, etc.)  Take the time to fill all containers fully, or empty the contents and break down the boxes to be flat.  

The following items will cost extra and we will be relying on the honor system for homeowners to arrange payment to the Association.

  • TIRES $25

If you have any large metal items, please place them next to the dumpster and we will arrange for a scrapper to recycle them (car parts, bed frames, etc.)

Hazardous materials (cleaning supplies, motor oil, etc.) or anything wet (liquids, paint cans, etc.) are NOT allowed in the dumpster. There may be an additional hazard charge.

Lastly, the dumpster is located near some of our neighbors’ homes and I implore you to show the utmost respect and keep the area extremely clean.  There are few areas in front of the Association land and we didn’t want it near the entrance to discourage outsiders from illegal dumping.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.



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