Special Executive Board Meeting: June 20, 2013

Dear Neighbors,
There will be a special Executive Board Meeting on June 20, 2013 per the transition plan.  It will be held at the grassy common area behind the mailboxes (weather permitting as expected).  A full agenda will be posted and emailed tomorrow.
The first item of business will be to appoint interim board members.  Those will be Mick Parikh, Angelo Brigante Jr, and Kristi Smith.  Sue Waterbury will be serving as interim Secretary until the special elections in July.  I would like to thank them all for volunteering during the transistion.
Also as mentioned in the transistion plan, the board plans on adopting a temporary set of bylaws to guide the Association and Executive Board until a permanent set can be drafted and voted on by the Association members in the September timeframe.  These temporary bylaws are located under the “Transition Plan” tab.  They will be voted on by the Executive Board on Thursday but are still open for input from the Association members and amendment from the Executive Board at the meeting.  Please review them and provide feedback, as they will serve as input for the permanent bylaws.
The Board looks forward to everybody’s input and participation Thursday.
Steven Tommell
President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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