Online Proxy: March 12 Budget and Bylaw Vote

Dear Neighbors,

I’m trying to take advantage of this new online survey/voting tool, so I’ve added the upcoming Budget and Bylaw Votes to the mix.  If you already submitted a proxy via email, you do not need to resubmit a proxy. Submitting a proxy early will make the process smoother and the meetings shorter.  You are allowed to change your vote at the meeting if you have already submitted a proxy.

The Association will be hosting two votes at the March Board of Directors’ meeting on March 12th at 7pm at Platt High School.  The votes are on the approval of the 2014 Budget and associated common expenses as well as the approval of the Association’s Bylaws.  The pertinent information is available on our website at  The 2014 budget will be subjected to a vote that will require a majority of the entire Association membership to reject the budget, otherwise it will be considered approved.  The Association Bylaws will be subjected to a vote that will require a majority of quorum of the Association to vote in favor for them to be considered approved.

Households may vote in person at the meeting or submitting a proxy via email or online.  The online link, as well as copies of the proxy, are available at the voting tab at the top of this page.  If submitting a proxy online at this link, you must list the email address already registered with the Association.  You will receive a confirmation email at a later point.

Please take the time to vote and have your voice heard. If you have any questions, please contact the board.

Thank you,
Steven Tommell
President – Hidden Valley Association, Inc.


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