Rules and Regs Approved: Year in Review

Dear Neighbors,

The Rules and Regs were approved by the Association members tonight by a vote of 36 in favor and 4 against with 2 registered abstentions (non votes).  We achieved over 80% participation including 42 of the 45 homeowners that personally live in the neighborhood and the Board would like to thank you for staying involved.
These rules are now in effect and enforcement will begin in September to allow neighbors time to correct any compliance issues.  These rules aim to promote a harmonious environment and preserve the property values within the neighborhood.  We encourage neighbors to resolve issues with each other before approaching the board.  However, the board will take action when necessary to ensure that the rules and regulations are adhered to.
The passing of the Rules and Regs marks the culmination of the Board transition plan that began 1 year ago.  Through this process we repopulated the board, held two open elections, established temporary and permanent bylaws, produced a reserves study and updated budget and finally passed widely supported rules and regs.  I would like to personally thank the other members of the Board (Bob, Sue, Angelo, Mick, Kristi) for their continuing help as well as the many neighbors who have contributed and remained involved.
Next year we will be transitioning to quarterly meetings to reduce the time and effort required to run the association and encourage greater community participation.  Although we have made great strides in establishing the Association, we must now continually support it so that it can best serve the neighborhood far into the future.  I encourage everyone to remain involved and support the Association as best each can.
Thank you,
Steve Tommell
Hidden Valley Association, Inc.

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